Monday, December 14, 2009

bad habits

Today's Chat-A-Chini question is: What habit would you most like to get rid of?

Hmm. Do you ever trick yourself into thinking that a bad habit is just the way it is? That it is the way you were wired and that you can't help but act a certain way? Or how about you excuse yourself and say "This action is only temporary, I am excused for acting in a foolish way since it's only a short period of time."

I have been there many times. Each and every one of us have habits, probably many of them. Some of mine include: washing my dishes every night before bed, praying when I wake up and before I go to sleep, only buying shirts when I'm shopping unless I am forced to shop for pants, etc. I think you get the idea!

Out of all of the habits that I have, I think I would like to get rid of the feeling I get often that I am owed something. Whether it be from my family, friends, co-workers or God, I sometimes feel that I am owed an apology or a thank you, or that I deserve to be praised for certain actions. Certainly, it is nice to get an apology when someone has wronged you and a thank you when you have done something nice, but it is definitely not owed to me by any means.

There ya have it, the habit I would most like to rid myself of.

How about you? Any habits you could do without?


Keri Joelle said...

Very true,I think sometimes it isn't on purpose that we wonder why we weren't thanked or maybe appriciated.But I think it's something we can work on=)

Chelsea said...

definitely! how have you been? havent heard from you in awhile!

Keri Joelle said...

Haha,I'm fine!Having school hols here in SG,how's connecticut?I was in New York recently,cooolllldddd.haha.